Upcoming Shabbaton

Count Me In!

Join us for an amazing weekend of delicious food, amazing people and SHABBOS...

What is a shabbaton?

From Friday evening through Saturday evening, students are welcomed into hosts' homes and participate in an authentic shabbat experience, replete with food, singing, discussions, and chilling time.

Who are the Hosts?

Families in Toco Hills request to host students from Georgia Universities. Besides for setting up a guest room for the guests, they also share the Shabbat lunch meal together. The types of hosts vary in ages and professions, but all are excited to share a shabbat with our students.

How much does it cost?

Shabbatons are all free for students. Transportation, room and board are provided for the entire weekend.

What do I need to bring?

Our recommendation is to bring 1 - 2 formal/business casual outfits (depending on if you would like to change for Shabbat day), toiletries, comfortable shoes and a HUGE smile. (You do not need to bring linen, hosts will provide you with fully made beds)

Upcoming Shabbaton Itinerary