Shabbos Xperience

Come join us for that quintessential Jewish experience – the traditional Shabbat meal, complete with home-baked challah and gourmet kosher cuisine.

For three millennial, Shabbos has been the Jewish oasis in time. We anticipate its arrival. We set aside special food and clothing for it. Shabbos is at the very center of Jewish consciousness. On Shabbos, we are all kings. We take advantage of the extra spirituality infused in the Shabbos day to focus on our spiritual goals, which we express through the prayer service, the study of Torah, festive meals, and time spent with family and friends.

It is celebrated all around the world, and we are committed to giving everyone the chance to experience it. Spend shabbos with friends at a shabbaton, in the Toco Hills neighborhood of Atlanta, in Athens at the Maimonides House or virtually anywhere in the world; It is yours to celebrate...

The Gelbtuch family have Shabbatons at the Maimonides House in UGA twice a month, and host Shabbos dinners and lunches. When not in UGA, they are hosting students in their home in Atlanta.

Students are welcomed each week into the Toco Hills community for Shabbos and are hosted by local community members and have the chance to meet new people, and experience all the amazingness Shabbos has to offer.

You will find the atmosphere warm, comfortable, and deliciously fun…and the experience extremely addictive.

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