Maimonides FAQs

Q. Is a Jewish education required for acceptance?

A. No. There are no requirements regarding the level of Jewish education. In fact, the Fellowship is geared towards students with the most limited Jewish backgrounds. Our commitment is to service the “lowest common denominator” . However, because we explore each topic both on a basic and more sophisticated level, students with more extensive background can gain a tremendous amount.

Q. What is the goal of the program and in what way is it a Leadership Fellowship?

A. The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship aims to empower modern-day Jewish college students with the information and inspiration necessary to become passionate Jewish leaders of the next generation. Through educational lectures, guest speakers, and experiential field trips (Shabbat programs, cultural and religious events, etc.), Maimonides offers qualified students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a traditional Jewish environment, where they can grapple maturely with great life questions and explore how ancient Jewish wisdom can connect with modern Jewish leaders.

Q. Why do I get paid and who is paying me?

A. The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship is a stipend-based program that requires a substantial commitment level from participants. Students attend weekly seminars, as well as weekend off-campus excursions. The Maimonides stipend, a gift of the National Maimonides Endowment Fund, affords students the ability to dedicate this significant amount of time in a way that can replace a part-time job during those hours. In addition, Maimonides seeks the best and the brightest young Jewish minds on campus, and the Fellowship stipend accords a level of gravity and distinction which may attract and foster commitment from such students.

Q. What are the requirements for receiving the stipend?

A. The Maimonides stipend is pro-rated based on attendance and participation in Fellowship activities, including seminars, off-campus trips and journals.

Q. When and where does Maimonides take place?

A. We currently run Maimonides programs at two locations at UGA and at GA Tech. The Fellowships are open to students from campuses across the state.

Q. How do I apply?

A. You need to fill out the online application on this website. An interview with a staff member will follow, if you have not conducted one already.

Q. When is the application deadline?

A. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which accords priority based on submission date. Please note that Fellowship slots are limited and may be competitive.

Q. How many students are usually enrolled in each fellowship program?

A. The Maimonides Leaders Fellowship is a relationship-driven program that places a premium on individual attention and participation. As such, we work to limit Maimonides class sizes. In addition, a significant financial investment is made in each student, which limits the number of available slots. Typical Maimonides programs include approximately 20 - 25 students per track.

Q. Which campuses run a Maimonides program?

A. Maimonides is currently on over 50 campuses in North America and hundreds of other campuses throughout the world. Under the leadership of Olami, our Flagship program, the Maimonides Fellowship is thriving on campuses across the globe. Learn more about Olami here