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The Israel trip that will not only leave you wowed by the beauty and vitality of our country, but by the depth and meaning of the Jewish story in which Israel plays a leading role

The Olami/Maimonides Israel getaway is the journey of a lifetime! Our Israel trip gives University students the opportunity of a lifetime, to tour, learn and live in Israel. It will give you a vision of the depth, beauty and meaning of Israel and Judaism. If you demand nothing less that the most dynamic Israel experience possible, join one of our upcoming trips!

Beyond the What You have many opportunities to travel to Israel, although very few will offer the unique opportunities of Maimonides Israel. Most Israel travel will allow you to discover the whats of the country; OLAMI/MAIMONIDES Israel trip allows you to discover the whys. Why is Israel so valuable to the Jewish People and future? Why have Jews maintained their passion for Judaism such that they could reclaim a land lost for almost 2000 years? Why is Israel, and the Jewish people that have brought it back to the world stage, important to the forming of my own identity?These are some of the questions we’ll explore on your OLAMI/MAIMONIDES Israel trip.

The Blend Our trip planners and staff work hard to ensure that your Israel trip will be one of variety and balance. You’ll have opportunities to learn, to tour, to relax, and to socialize. Whether you’ve been to Israel before, or are traveling for the first time, you’ll be sure to have an experience that is both new and welcoming. We invest in high quality education and high quality accommodations – all so that you can have an ideal stay in our Homeland.

On Your Time One of the aspects of the OLAMI/MAIMONIDES Israel trip that is highly valued by our participants is the way in which they are able enjoy Israel on their own time. Our schedule is full, but not overstuffed. You will not feel like your trip has you moving from bus, to hotel, to hike, and back to bus again. We will be based primarily in the capital city of Jerusalem and you will have opportunities throughout the trip that will allow you to connect with Israel and your peers as you choose.

Spend your money on something else. This amazing trip is sponsored by Olami in conjunction with the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. The total cost of the trip is $499 including round trip airfare from New York to Tel Aviv, day trips, food and accommodations (aprox. value $3,000) The entire experience is completely subsidized.

Olami/Maimonides Israel Trip

Summer 2019

May 14 - May 30

Limited Spots Available

Cost is $499 -Includes roundtrip airfare and all expenses

Sponsored by ASK, Olami